Bond of Silence 12 years old

One of them killed her husband ... none of them will talk.

Bond of Silence

A widow's forgiveness. A killer's remorse. Bond of Silence is the true life story of a shocking murder and the amazing bond that came from it. Katy and Bob live a perfect life in a small close knit town. He's a respected lawyer, a renowned tri-athlete. She just had twins. It is New Year's Eve. Teens converge on the house next door. Always the good neighbor, Bob goes to shut it down. A confrontation occurs. Then he's dead. No teen comes forward. The media pours in. Headlines scream. Katy hunts for answers. But no one talks. A bond of silence covers the town. The police do an undercover sting and someone's caught. Ryan, a popular kid, tries to be cool, but the burden of what he did that night is unbelievable. Ryan and his attorney want to plead not guilty, but then Katy and Ryan meet. Where Katy should be a grieving wife, she becomes a supportive mother. Rather than berating, she listens. Rather than accusing..


Bond of Silence Cast

Name Character
Nicole Oliver She was 40, now 53 years old as Nicole Oliver
Kim Raver She was 41, now 54 years old as Katy McIntosh
Paul Campbell He was 31, now 43 years old as Officer Haines
Charlie McDermott He was 20, now 32 years old as Ryan Aldridge
Rebecca Jenkins She was 51, now 64 years old as Sandra
Haley Ramm She was 18, now 31 years old as Jordan
Adrian Hough as Carl
Greg Grunberg He was 44, now 56 years old as Detective Paul Jackson
Jesse Moss He was 27, now 39 years old as Aaron
Rob LaBelle as Larry
Johannah Newmarch as Bree
Chris Shields as ER Doctor
Magda Apanowicz She was 24, now 37 years old as Angie
David Cubitt He was 45, now 58 years old as Bob McIntosh
Genevieve Buechner She was 18, now 31 years old as Daisy
Kacey Rohl She was 19, now 31 years old as Tabitha
Reilly Dolman He was 22, now 35 years old as James
Keith MacKechnie He was 55, now 67 years old as Danny
Fred Henderson as Jim

Bond of Silence Crew

Name Department
Peter Werner as Director. He was 63 (now 76) years old Directing
Edithe Swensen as Writer. Writing
Teena Booth as Writer. Writing
Brian D. Young as Writer. Writing
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Bond of Silence (12 years)

One of them killed her husband ... none of them will talk.

  • Release day: Monday, August 23, 2010
  • Runtime: 98 minutes