Blood Sabbath 51 years old

They were evil. They were sadistic... And drop dead GORGEOUS!!

Blood Sabbath

A young man named David unknowingly ventures into a land controlled by the powerful witch queen, Alotta, and her coven. Every year the local villagers must offer a child to the queen in order to maintain a pact of peace. But David has fallen in love with a river nymph named Yyala and he cannot have a relationship with her as long as he has a soul. So, he offers his soul to Alotta in exchange for the life of a sacrificial child. Now David and Yyala can be together, but if Yyala ever abandons him, his life belongs to the witch...


Blood Sabbath Cast

Name Character
Sam Gilman He was 56, 70 years old when he died as Lonzo
Dyanne Thorne She was 28, 76 years old when she died as Queen Alotta
Susan Damante She was 21, now 72 years old as Yyalah
Lynn Harris She was 71, now 122 years old as Witch
Uschi Digard She was 23, now 74 years old as Witch
Jane Tsentas as Witch
Anthony Geary He was 24, now 75 years old as David
Terri Johnson as Witch
Steve Gravers He was 49, 56 years old when he died as The Padre
Kathy Hilton She was 12, now 64 years old as Witch

Blood Sabbath Crew

Name Department
Paul Hipp as Camera Operator. He was 8 (42) years old when He died Camera
Michael D. Margulies as Director of Photography. He was 35 (now 86) years old Camera
Lisa Fluet as Still Photographer. Camera
Lisa Fluet as Producer. Production
Gordon Freed as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Les Baxter as Original Music Composer. He was 49 (73) years old when He died Sound
Hugo Grimaldi as Production Design. Art
Hugo Grimaldi as Editor. Editing
Brianne Murphy as Director. She was 38 (70) years old when She died Directing
William A. Bairn as Producer. Production
William A. Bairn as Writer. Writing
Art Names as Sound. Sound
William H. Bushnell as Producer. Production
Blood Sabbath poster
Blood Sabbath (51 years)

They were evil. They were sadistic... And drop dead GORGEOUS!!

  • Release day: Saturday, January 01, 1972
  • Runtime: 86 minutes