Blackbelt II: Fatal Force 34 years old

Crime has a new enemy. Justice has a new name.

Blackbelt II: Fatal Force

Brad Spyder flies to Hawaii to uncover a web of bribery, betrayal and lies and when Spyder finds his partner dead, a cat and mouse game between killer and cop begins.


Blackbelt II: Fatal Force Cast

Name Character
Vic Díaz He was 57, now 91 years old as Bill Akida
Blake Bahner He was 30, now 64 years old as Brad Spyder
John P. Dulaney He was 42, now 76 years old as Chief O'Donnel
Henry Strzalkowski as Ted Kanaka
Paul Holmes as Roderick Pendleton

Blackbelt II: Fatal Force Crew

Name Department
Cirio H. Santiago as Producer. He was 53 (72) years old when He died Production
Mike Elliott as Producer. Production
Roger Corman as Executive Producer. He was 63 (now 97) years old Production
Patricia Harrington as Production Designer. Production
Julie Janata as Editor. Editing
Ricardo Remias as Director of Photography. Camera
Blackbelt II: Fatal Force poster
Blackbelt II: Fatal Force (34 years)

Crime has a new enemy. Justice has a new name.

  • Release day: Tuesday, August 01, 1989
  • Runtime: 83 minutes