Beneath The Leaves 2 years old

Be patient and wait for due harvest

Beneath The Leaves

Four small-town boys are kidnapped by James Whitley, a warm-eyed psychopath. His grotesque pursuit to reunite orphaned children with their deceased birth parents is halted when the boys escape and he is arrested. Fifteen years later Whitley flees during a prison fire and decides to see his mission through. Detective Larson, once Whitley's prior victim, is removed from the case due to impartiality leaving his partner, and lover, Detective Shotwell to solve the case. Fueled by rage and a chance of redemption, Detective Larson chases the steadfast psychopath on his own only to fall back into the same trap he once escaped as a child.


Beneath The Leaves Cast

Name Character
Mira Sorvino She was 51, now 54 years old as Detective Erica Shotwell
Melora Walters She was 59, now 62 years old as Rose
Paul Sorvino He was 79, now 82 years old as Captain Parker
Doug Jones He was 58, now 61 years old as James Whitley
Don Swayze He was 60, now 63 years old as Whitley Senior
Kristoffer Polaha He was 41, now 44 years old as Detective Brian Larson
Christopher Masterson He was 39, now 42 years old as George Middleton
Marla Adams She was 80, now 83 years old as Nadine
Christopher Backus He was 37, now 40 years old as Matt Tresner
Tommy Kijas as Officer Cartwright
Aaron Farb He was 37, now 40 years old as Detective Abrams

Beneath The Leaves Crew

Name Department
Eric Strand as Editor. He was 53 (now 56) years old Editing
Tommy Kijas as Producer. Production
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Beneath The Leaves (2 years)

Be patient and wait for due harvest

  • Release day: Friday, February 08, 2019
  • Runtime: 90 minutes