Balls Bluff 60 years old

During a Civil War battle, a soldier is transported through time, landing in New York City's Central Park in the year 1961. He then explores Manhattan and goes to Yankee Stadium in an attempt to locate other Civil War soldiers. (IMDb)


Balls Bluff Cast

Name Character
Robert Downey Sr. He was 24, now 85 years old

Balls Bluff Crew

Name Department
Robert Downey Sr. as Director. He was 24 (now 85) years old Directing
Robert Downey Sr. as Producer. He was 24 (now 85) years old Production
Robert Downey Sr. as Writer. He was 24 (now 85) years old Writing
Fred von Bernewitz as Editor. He was 23 (now 83) years old Editing
Balls Bluff (60 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 01, 1961
  • Runtime: 24 minutes