Bailey's Mistake 20 years old

"Bailey's Mistake" is the name of a cold, dreary island that a bitter widow finds herself stuck on. Seems Liz Donovan got cut out of her husband's will because he'd secretly spent all his money on a New England island. Kids in tow, Liz discovers spooky secrets while getting to know the eccentric natives.


Paz de la Huerta
Paz de la Huerta

Becca Donovan

Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton

Liz Donovan

Joan Plowright
Joan Plowright

Aunt Angie

Deborah Allen
Deborah Allen


Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi

Paul Donovan

David Norona
David Norona

Father Miguel

All Cast

Name Character
Linda Hamilton She was 44, now 64 years old as Liz Donovan
Jesse James (actor) He was 11, now 31 years old as Dylan Donovan
Leslie Carlson She was 68, 81 years old when she died as Stableman
Kris Lemche He was 23, now 43 years old as Malachy
Joan Plowright She was 71, now 91 years old as Aunt Angie
Richard Burgi He was 42, now 63 years old as Paul Donovan
Kyle Secor He was 43, now 64 years old as Lowell Lenox
Paz de la Huerta She was 16, now 36 years old as Becca Donovan
Dawn Greenhalgh She was 67, now 87 years old as Irene
David Norona He was 28, now 48 years old as Father Miguel
Julianne Christie He was 1, now 21 years old as Jasmine
Jefferson Mappin as Toby
Deborah Allen She was 47, now 67 years old as Housekeeper


Name Department
Michael M. Robin as Director. Directing
Bailey's Mistake (20 years)

  • Release day: Saturday, March 17, 2001
  • Runtime: 120 minutes