Baby Comes Home 41 years old

A middle-aged couple deals with familial upheaval after giving birth to an unplanned fourth baby 17 years after their last child.


Baby Comes Home Cast

Name Character
Paul McCrane He was 19, now 61 years old as Bobby Moore
Fredric Lehne He was 21, now 63 years old as Franklin Kramer
Mildred Dunnock She was 79, 90 years old when she died as Serena Fox
Warren Oates He was 52, 53 years old when he died as Michael Kramer
Colleen Dewhurst She was 56, 67 years old when she died as Anna Kramer
James Noble He was 58, 94 years old when he died as Dr.Elliott Olsen
Lee Wallace He was 6, now 35 years old as Sam Blumenkrantz
Dena Dietrich She was 51, now 93 years old as Dora
Mel Stewart He was 51, 72 years old when he died as Mr. Adams
Floyd Levine He was 48, now 90 years old as Louis Zambello
David Huffman He was 35, 39 years old when he died as Jeff Winston
Devon Ericson She was 27, now 69 years old as Elizabeth Kramer Winston
Carol Ann Williams as Young Nurse

Baby Comes Home Crew

Name Department
Waris Hussein as Director. He was 41 (now 83) years old Directing
Shelley List as Writer. Writing
Baby Comes Home (41 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, October 16, 1980
  • Runtime: 100 minutes