Babo 73 57 years old

The president of the United Status, who, when he isn’t at the White House— a dilapidated Victorian— conducts his top-secret affairs on a deserted beach.


James Greene
James Greene

Lawrence Silver-Sky

Richard Roat
Richard Roat

Father Fear

Lawrence Wolf
Lawrence Wolf

Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Tom Gaines
Tom Gaines

Phillipe Green

Taylor Mead
Taylor Mead

President Sandy Studsbury

Jim Antonio
Jim Antonio

Chester Kitty-Litter

Babo 73 Cast

Name Character
Taylor Mead He was 39, 88 years old when he died as President Sandy Studsbury
James Greene He was 37, 91 years old when he died as Lawrence Silver-Sky
Jim Antonio He was 33, now 90 years old as Chester Kitty-Litter
Richard Roat He was 31, now 88 years old as Father Fear
Elsie Downey She was 30, 80 years old when she died as Hitchhiker
Tom Gaines as Phillipe Green
Lawrence Wolf as Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Babo 73 Crew

Name Department
Tom O'Horgan as Original Music Composer. He was 40 (84) years old when He died Sound
Robert Downey Sr. as Director. He was 28 (now 85) years old Directing
Robert Downey Sr. as Producer. He was 28 (now 85) years old Production
Robert Downey Sr. as Writer. He was 28 (now 85) years old Writing
William Waering as Cinematography. Crew
Fred von Bernewitz as Editor. He was 26 (now 83) years old Editing
Babo 73 poster
Babo 73 (57 years)

  • Release day: Monday, October 05, 1964
  • Runtime: 57 minutes