Ba'al 15 years old

There'll be hell to pay


A world-renowned archaeologist must reawaken the storm god Ba'al by collecting four ancient amulets scattered around the world. As each amulet is uncovered, Ba'al's fury threatens to destroy everything in its path with the most powerful storm mankind has ever seen.


Ba'al Cast

Name Character
Peter Benson He was 65, 75 years old when he died as Foreman
Lexa Doig She was 35, now 50 years old as Pena
David Lewis He was 32, 10 years old when he died as Risko
Stefanie von Pfetten She was 34, now 50 years old as Carol
Jeremy London He was 35, now 51 years old as Helm
Scott Hylands He was 65, now 80 years old as Stanford
Elias Toufexis He was 32, now 48 years old as McCulloch
Michael Kopsa He was 52, now 67 years old as Kittrick
Derek Anderson He was 34, now 49 years old as Guard at Dig

Ba'al Crew

Name Department
Pinar Toprak as Music. She was 28 (now 43) years old Sound
Lindsay MacAdam as Producer. Production
Candice Elzinga as Casting. Production
Paul Ziller as Director. He was 8 (now 23) years old Directing
Paul Ziller as Writer. He was 8 (now 23) years old Writing
Andrew Black as Writer. He was 34 (now 49) years old Writing
Bob Bottieri as Production Design. Art
Mahlon Todd Williams as Director of Photography. Camera
Ba'al poster
Ba'al (15 years)

There'll be hell to pay

  • Release day: Saturday, September 13, 2008
  • Runtime: 90 minutes