Arcade 28 years old

The Game Wants to Play With You.

Alex Manning and her friends decide to visit the local video arcade known as "Dante's Inferno" where a new virtual reality arcade game called "Arcade" is being test marketed by a computer company CEO. However, it soon becomes clear that the teenagers who lose are being imprisoned inside the virtual reality world by the central villain "Arcade" and takes over their minds.


Arcade Cast

Name Character
Seth Green He was 20, now 48 years old as Stilts
John de Lancie He was 46, now 74 years old as Difford
Megan Ward She was 24, now 52 years old as Alex Manning
Don Stark He was 39, now 67 years old as Finster
A. J. Langer She was 19, now 48 years old as Laurie
Norbert Weisser He was 47, now 75 years old as Albert
Peter Billingsley He was 22, now 51 years old as Nick
Jonathan Fuller as Arcade
Sharon Farrell She was 53, now 81 years old as Alex's Mom
Humberto Ortiz He was 56, now 85 years old as Boy
David Sederholm as Receptionist
Tom Stoviak He was 36, now 64 years old as Waches

Arcade Crew

Name Department
Albert Pyun as Director. He was 40 (now 69) years old Directing
Arcade poster
Arcade (28 years)

The Game Wants to Play With You.

  • Release day: Tuesday, July 20, 1993
  • Runtime: 85 minutes