Anna Lee: Headcase 31 years old

A bright, pretty and determined young girl named Anna Lee quits the police department in search of adventure, and joins a small and somewhat stuffy detective agency, whose members don't look particularly kindly on her short skirts, somewhat cavalier attitude toward agency rules--like showing up for work on time--and her overall demeanor. However, the agency's owner takes a shine to her and assigns her to what seems to be a relatively straightforward case: finding a young girl who's gone missing and whose family is worried about her. As it turns out, the case involves quite a bit more than just a missing girl


Anna Lee: Headcase Cast

Name Character
Kate Beckinsale She was 19, now 50 years old as Thea Hahn
David Harewood He was 27, now 58 years old as Stevie Johnson
Ken Stott He was 38, now 69 years old as Bernie Schiller
Paul Guilfoyle He was 43, now 75 years old as Dr. Frank
Alan Howard He was 55, 77 years old when he died as Mr. Hahn
Brian Glover He was 58, 63 years old when he died as Selwyn Price
Albert Moses He was 55, 79 years old when he died as Shop Keeper
Imogen Stubbs She was 31, now 63 years old as Anna Lee
Roger Lloyd Pack He was 48, 69 years old when he died as Desk Clerk
Shirley Anne Field She was 54, now 86 years old as Mrs. Westerman
Barbara Leigh-Hunt She was 57, now 88 years old as Beryl Doyle
Michael Bryant He was 64, 74 years old when he died as Commander Martin Brierly
Richard Dempsey He was 19, now 51 years old as Sam Tulloch
Nicholas Hewetson He was 290, 58 years old when he died as Miles
Jack Ellis He was 37, now 69 years old as Hospital Doctor
Clive Merrison He was 47, now 78 years old as Mr. Emburey
Jan Chappell She was 44, now 75 years old as Mrs. Tulloch
Anthony May He was 46, now 78 years old as Peter Knight
Robin Soans He was 46, now 77 years old as Dr. Stickle
Paul Kember He was 51, now 83 years old as John Tulloch
Jason Salkey He was 30, now 62 years old as Screenwash Man
Edward Jewesbury He was 75, 84 years old when he died as Sam Tulloch Sr.

Anna Lee: Headcase Crew

Name Department
Richard Hartley as Original Music Composer. He was 48 (now 79) years old Sound
Sue Birtwistle as Producer. She was 47 (now 78) years old Production
Andrew Davies as Writer. He was 56 (now 87) years old Writing
Anna Lee: Headcase (31 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 10, 1993
  • Runtime: 120 minutes