Angels, Baby! 22 years old

One Boy. One Girl. Two Guardian Angels.

When two "soul mates" wander into the same upscale Karaoke Bar, it seems these two painfully shy people will miss out on meeting each other yet again. But when their Guardian Angels see their Love-o-meters (little gadgets the size of a Star Tac Phone with the following readings: "One Night", "Couple of Dates", "3 Months Plus Chips" or the flashing blue "True Love Ways") pulsing off the scale, they decide to join forces and unite their love wards, no matter what it takes. With a couple of spilled drinks, a sexy dress and one show stopping musical number the great looking angels drive these appealing lovers into each others arms, and get the whole bar to join in on the fun.


Angels, Baby! Cast

Name Character
Laura Leighton She was 31, now 53 years old as Jessica
Larry Poindexter He was 39, now 62 years old as Hamilton
Ant He was 32, now 54 years old as Kenny
Jessica Tuck She was 36, now 58 years old as Lori

Angels, Baby! Crew

Name Department
Angels, Baby! poster
Angels, Baby! (22 years)

One Boy. One Girl. Two Guardian Angels.

  • Release day: Wednesday, October 27, 1999