Amos & Andrew 30 years old

Misunderstood. Misplaced. Mismatched.

Amos & Andrew

When Andrew Sterling, a successful black urbanite writer, buys a vacation home on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar. After surrounding his home with armed men, Chief Tolliver realizes his mistake and to avoid the bad publicity offers a thief in his jail, Amos Odell a deal.


Amos & Andrew Cast

Name Character
Samuel L. Jackson He was 44, now 74 years old as Andrew Sterling
Nicolas Cage He was 29, now 59 years old as Amos Odell
Tracey Walter He was 45, now 75 years old as Bloodhound Bob
Margaret Colin She was 34, now 65 years old as Judy Gillman
Giancarlo Esposito He was 34, now 65 years old as The Reverend Fenton Brunch
Brad Dourif He was 42, now 73 years old as Officer Donnie Donaldson
Loretta Devine She was 43, now 73 years old as Ula
Chelcie Ross He was 50, now 80 years old as Deputy Earl
Dabney Coleman He was 61, now 91 years old as Chief of Police Cecil Tolliver
Jordan Lund He was 35, now 66 years old as Deputy Riley
Bob Balaban He was 47, now 77 years old as Dr. R. A. (Roy) Fink
Kim Staunton She was 36, now 67 years old as Mrs. Andrew Sterling
Aimee Graham She was 21, now 51 years old as Stacy
Michael Lerner He was 51, now 81 years old as Phil Gillman
Allison Mackie She was 33, now 63 years old as Anchorwoman
Jodi Long She was 39, now 69 years old as Wendy Wong
I.M. Hobson He was 57, 68 years old when he died as Waldo Lake
Todd Weeks as Stan
Ron Taylor He was 40, 49 years old when he died as Sherman
Ernie Garrett as State Police Captain
Leonor Anthony as Hispanic Reporter
Jeff Blumenkrantz He was 27, now 57 years old as Ernie

Amos & Andrew Crew

Name Department
John S. Lyons as Casting. Production
Patricia Norris as Production Design. She was 61 (83) years old when She died Art
Patricia Norris as Costume Design. She was 61 (83) years old when She died Costume & Make-Up
Jane Kurson as Editor. Editing
Leslie Morales as Set Decoration. Art
Walt Lloyd as Director of Photography. He was 1 (now 28) years old Camera
Amy Stofsky as Costume Supervisor. Costume & Make-Up
Richard Gibbs as Original Music Composer. He was 37 (now 67) years old Sound
Jack Cummins as Co-Producer. He was 44 (49) years old when He died Production
Jack Cummins as Production Manager. He was 44 (49) years old when He died Production
Marshall Persinger as Co-Producer. Production
Sioux Richards as Script Supervisor. She was 47 (now 77) years old Directing
Glenn Randall, Jr. as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Gary Goetzman as Producer. He was 40 (now 70) years old Production
Jeff 'Moose' Howery as Dolly Grip. Camera
William G. Davis as Assistant Art Director. Art
Nina Kostroff-Noble as Second Assistant Director. Directing
Carl Boles as Gaffer. He was 58 (now 88) years old Lighting
Amos & Andrew poster
Amos & Andrew (30 years)

Misunderstood. Misplaced. Mismatched.

  • Release day: Friday, March 05, 1993
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Revenue: 9745803.00