Amanhã Nunca Mais 12 years old

Amanhã Nunca Mais

Walter is an absent father and husband who works in a hospital without time for his family. His redemption happens when his wife sends him to the birthday cake for her daughter, but she does not know is that during the return trip home, the impossible will happen so that everything goes wrong.


Amanhã Nunca Mais Cast

Name Character
Victória Guerra She was 22, now 34 years old
Lázaro Ramos He was 33, now 45 years old as Walter
Milhem Cortaz He was 38, now 51 years old as Geraldo
Carlos Meceni
Imara Reis She was 63, now 75 years old as Confectioner
Vic Militello She was 68, 73 years old when she died
Paula Braun She was 130, 80 years old when she died
Luis Miranda He was 31, now 43 years old
Anna Guilhermina
Maria Luísa Mendonça She was 41, now 53 years old as Miriam
Arthur Koll
Fernanda Machado She was 31, now 43 years old as Solange

Amanhã Nunca Mais Crew

Name Department
Paulo Roberto Schmidt as Producer. Production
Maurício Arruda as Screenplay. He was 47 (now 59) years old Writing
Arnaldo Antunes as Songs. He was 51 (now 63) years old Sound
Tadeu Jungle as Director. He was 55 (now 67) years old Directing
Tadeu Jungle as Screenplay. He was 55 (now 67) years old Writing
Marcelo Müller as Screenplay. He was 33 (now 45) years old Writing
Ricardo Della Rosa as Director of Photography. Camera
Valdy Lopes as Art Direction. Art
Marcio Nigro as Original Music Composer. Sound
Amanhã Nunca Mais (12 years)

  • Release day: Friday, November 11, 2011
  • Runtime: 75 minutes