Am I Beautiful? (Bin ich schön?) 24 years old

German people having trouble with love and identity.


Am I Beautiful? Cast

Name Character
Franka Potente She was 24, now 48 years old as Linda
Senta Berger She was 57, now 81 years old as Unna
Anica Dobra She was 35, now 59 years old as Franziska
Gisela Schneeberger She was 49, now 74 years old as Tamara
Nina Petri She was 35, now 59 years old as Charlotte
Gottfried John He was 56, 72 years old when he died as Herbert
Uwe Ochsenknecht He was 42, now 67 years old as Bodo
Otto Sander He was 57, 72 years old when he died as David
Iris Berben She was 48, now 72 years old as Rita
Maria Schrader She was 32, now 57 years old as Elke
Heike Makatsch She was 27, now 51 years old as Vera
Julian Messner as Philip
Gustav-Peter Wöhler He was 42, now 66 years old as Werner
Dietmar Schönherr He was 72, 88 years old when he died as Juan
Joachim Król He was 41, now 65 years old as Robert
Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss He was 36, now 60 years old as Paco
Steffen Wink He was 31, now 55 years old as Klaus
Marie Zielcke She was 19, now 44 years old as Angelina
Oliver Nägele He was 41, now 66 years old as Fred
Suzanne von Borsody She was 40, now 65 years old as Lucy
Carla Weindler as Carla
Beatriz Castillón Mateo as Marie (jung)
Lorenza Sophia Zorer as Engel

Am I Beautiful? Crew

Name Department
Norbert Preuss as Producer. Production
Ruth Stadler as Screenplay. Writing
Bernd Eichinger as Producer. He was 49 (61) years old when He died Production
Martin Moszkowicz as Producer. He was 40 (now 65) years old Production
Doris Dörrie as Director. She was 43 (now 67) years old Directing
Doris Dörrie as Screenplay. She was 43 (now 67) years old Writing
Rolf Basedow as Screenplay. He was 51 (now 76) years old Writing
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Am I Beautiful? (24 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, September 17, 1998
  • Runtime: 117 minutes