Altered Species 21 years old

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Altered Species

Altered Species is a 2001 horror film, about a scientist who has found a way to regenerate damaged tissue in the body. He has tried his experiment on rats, but the effects are disastrous. One of them grows to 50 times its normal size, and attempts to destroy the laboratory.


Altered Species Cast

Name Character
David Bradley He was 59, 55 years old when he died as Frank
Allen Lee Haff as Walter
Richard Peterson He was 117, 83 years old when he died as Gary

Altered Species Crew

Name Department
Bob Bragg as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Serge Rodnunsky as Director. Directing
Serge Rodnunsky as Producer. Production
Serge Rodnunsky as Writer. Writing
Evan Evans as Music. Sound
Pierre Chemaly as Cinematography. Crew
Mara A. Spear as Production Design. Art
Altered Species poster
Altered Species (21 years)

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  • Release day: Saturday, September 01, 2001
  • Runtime: 91 minutes