All Men Are Liars 26 years old

All Men Are Liars

Mick's father, Barry, sells the family piano, causing Mick's mother, Irene to leave. In order to raise enough money to buy the piano back, Mick dresses in his mother's clothes and becomes Michelle to join an all-girl band that has come into town for the annual harvest festival. Angela, the leader of the band, starts to question her sexuality when she begins to fall in love with Mick/Michelle.


All Men Are Liars Cast

Name Character
John Jarratt He was 44, now 70 years old as Barry
Shawn Cady as Shawn

All Men Are Liars Crew

Name Department
Wendy Chuck as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Suresh Ayyar as Editor. He was 38 (58) years old when He died Editing
Robert Connolly as Executive Producer. He was 28 (now 55) years old Production
Douglas Cummins as Executive Producer. Production
John Maynard as Producer. He was 494 (199) years old when He died Production
Gerard Lee as Director. He was 44 (now 71) years old Directing
Gerard Lee as Writer. He was 44 (now 71) years old Writing
Steve Arnold as Director of Photography. Camera
All Men Are Liars (26 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, November 30, 1995
  • Runtime: 91 minutes