A Killer Among Us 32 years old

Theresa is one of the twelve jurors who have to decide about a case of assassination. She believes very strongly in the innocence of the young man, but can't convince the others. During the discussions, she realizes that one member of the jury knows details that he couldn't know from the trial alone. Since no one believes her suspicions, she investigates on her own.


A Killer Among Us Cast

Name Character
Mykelti Williamson He was 30, now 63 years old as Greg Hopkins
Ruth Silveira She was 48, now 80 years old as Woman
Anna Maria Horsford She was 42, now 75 years old as Barbara Evans
Ivonne Coll She was 43, now 75 years old as Francine Cortez
Fitz Houston He was 40, now 72 years old
Richard Riehle He was 42, now 74 years old as Oscar Wendt
Dwight Schultz He was 42, now 75 years old as Clifford Gillette
Mike Genovese He was 48, now 80 years old
Dave Florek He was 37, now 69 years old as Claude Platt
Janet Gunn She was 28, now 61 years old as Gloria Scoggins
Jasmine Guy She was 28, now 61 years old as Theresa Hopkins
Sierra Pecheur She was 52, now 84 years old as Judge Crowley
Lisa Banes She was 35, now 67 years old as Joanna Westrope
Neil Giuntoli He was 30, now 63 years old as Sam Scoggins
Earl Billings He was 45, now 77 years old
Anita Dangler She was 68, 77 years old when she died as Miss Petrus
Thomas Wagner
Michael Earl Reid
Paul Kent He was 60, 80 years old when he died
Joe El Rady as Billy
Michael Thoma He was 63, 55 years old when he died as First Reporter

A Killer Among Us Crew

Name Department
Marietta Carter-Narcisse as Makeup Artist. Costume & Make-Up
Richard Bracken as Editor. Editing
R.J. Louis as Supervising Producer. Production
R.J. Louis as Unit Production Manager. Production
David Westheimer as Writer. He was 73 (88) years old when He died Writing
Charles T. Knight as Sound Mixer. He was 40 (now 73) years old Sound
Gary Chang as Music. He was 37 (now 70) years old Sound
Dave Bell as Executive Producer. He was 80 (76) years old when He died Production
Greta Grigorian as Set Decoration. Art
Peter Levin as Director. He was 89 (now 122) years old Directing
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A Killer Among Us (32 years)

  • Release day: Monday, October 29, 1990
  • Runtime: 100 minutes