A Dot and a Line (Punto y raya) 16 years old

The story of a young Colombian recruit who, while patrolling his country's border, is befriended by a Venezuelan adversary, and the tragic consequences of their relationship.


Daniela Alvarado
Daniela Alvarado

Yosmar Coromoto

Pedro Lander
Pedro Lander


Laureano Olivares
Laureano Olivares

Sgt. Carrasco

Roque Valero
Roque Valero


Dora Mazzone
Dora Mazzone

Ana María

A Dot and a Line Cast

Name Character
Édgar Ramírez He was 27, now 44 years old as Pedro
Daniela Alvarado She was 23, now 39 years old as Yosmar Coromoto
Dora Mazzone She was 43, now 60 years old as Ana María
Laureano Olivares He was 26, now 43 years old as Sgt. Carrasco
Daniela Bascopé She was 22, now 38 years old as Lutecia
Roque Valero He was 30, now 47 years old as Cheito
Pedro Lander He was 50, now 67 years old as Capitán

A Dot and a Line Crew

Name Department
Elia Schneider as Director. He was 4 (now 21) years old Directing
Henry Herrera as Writer. Writing
A Dot and a Line poster
A Dot and a Line (16 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, December 15, 2004
  • Runtime: 105 minutes