A Cry for Help 47 years old

A Cry for Help

A talk-radio host, who specializes in abusing and insulting his audience, gets a call from a disturbed teenage girl who says she is going to commit suicide. After first encouraging her, he has a change of heart and frantically tries to get his listeners to help find the girl before she makes good on her threat.


A Cry for Help Cast

Name Character
Bruce Boxleitner He was 24, now 72 years old
Chuck McCann He was 40, 83 years old when he died
Julius Harris He was 51, 81 years old when he died
Ken Swofford He was 41, 85 years old when he died
Robert Culp He was 44, 79 years old when he died
Michael Lerner He was 33, now 81 years old
Stack Pierce He was 41, 82 years old when he died
Elayne Heilveil

A Cry for Help Crew

Name Department
Daryl Duke as Director. He was 45 (77) years old when He died Directing
Peter S. Fischer as Writer. He was 40 (now 87) years old Writing
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A Cry for Help (47 years)

  • Release day: Wednesday, February 12, 1975
  • Runtime: 73 minutes