1001 Arabian Nights 63 years old

1001 wonderful sounds and sights

1001 Arabian Nights

In this animated retelling of the classic tale, Abdul Aziz Magoo -- an ancestor of Mr. Magoo -- is the lamp-selling uncle of Aladdin. Tired of his nephew's laziness, Abdul insists that Aladdin find a wife. To his uncle's surprise, Aladdin falls in love with the beautiful Princess Yasminda. Before he can make his move, however, Aladdin is whisked away by the evil Wazir on a quest to find a magic lamp that will grant its owner unlimited power in the form of three magic wishes.


1001 Arabian Nights Cast

Name Character
Hans Conried He was 42, 64 years old when he died as The Wicked Wazir (voice)
Jim Backus He was 46, 76 years old when he died as Uncle Abdul Azziz Magoo (voice)
Dwayne Hickman He was 25, now 88 years old as Aladdin (voice)
Herschel Bernardi He was 36, 62 years old when he died as The Jinni of the Lamp (voice)
Kathryn Grant She was 26, now 89 years old as Princess Yasminda (voice)

1001 Arabian Nights Crew

Name Department
Jack Kinney as Director. He was 50 (82) years old when He died Directing
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1001 Arabian Nights (63 years)

1001 wonderful sounds and sights

  • Release day: Tuesday, December 01, 1959
  • Runtime: 75 minutes