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Jacob Tremblay, 14 Movie Actor
Mahogany LOX, 26 YouTube Star
Kate Winslet, 45 English actress
Bernie Mac, 50 Actor
Claire Crosby, 8 YouTube Star
Kevin Olusola, 32 American cellist beatboxer and vocalist
Dalila Bela, 19 Actress
Millie Innes, 19 TV Actress
Gerardo Ortiz, 31 World Music Singer
Abreu Sosa, 27 Instagram Star
Ray Kroc, 81 Restaurateur
Jesse Eisenberg, 37 American actor
Brooke Valentine, 36 American musician
Neil deGrasse Tyson, 62 Astrophysicist
Scott Weinger, 45 American actor
Chrissy Chambers, 30 YouTube Star
Brian Johnson, 73 British musician
Mercedes Lambre, 28 Actress
Stacey Ketchman, 44 Family Member
Andrew Fontenot, 24 Rapper
Dillon Francis, 33 DJ and record producer
Michael Morpurgo, 77 British children's writer
Maja Salvador, 32 Filipino actor
Kailey Amora, 20 TikTok Star
Sarah Schauer, 27 Instagram Star
Travis Kelce, 31 American football player tight end
Carlos Coy, 50 Rapper
Lizzy Yu, 18 Instagram Star
Cassidy Valentine, 23 YouTube Star
Kara Royster, 27 TV Actress
Wismichu, 27 YouTube Star
Nicki Andrea, 25 YouTube Star
Danla Bilic, 26 YouTube Star
John Rusanov, 19 TikTok Star
Nicky Hilton, 37 American model and heiress
Matthew Sherrill, 21 Instagram Star
Mario Lemieux, 55 Canadian ice hockey centre Pittsburgh Penguins owner
Xiao Zhan, 29 Pop Singer
Harley Brash, 22 Reality Star
Imaan Hammam, 24 Actress
Nick Robinson, 57 British political journalist
Betty Who, 29 Australian singer-songwriter
NumbNexus, 25 YouTube Star
Phil Cornwell, 63 British entertainer
Logan Rorke, 19 YouTube Star
Ivy Winters, 34 Reality Star
Bob Geldof, 69 Irish singer
Park So-yeon, 33 Actor