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Selena Quintanilla, 23 Singer-songwriter
Sadie Sink, 19 TV Actress
Chance The Rapper, 28 American recording artist
Max Dressler, 19 TikTok Star
Martin Lawrence, 56 American actor and director
Akon, 48 Singer-songwriter record producer
Charlie Chaplin, 88 English actor and director
Brandon Cardoso, 21 TikTok Star
Ian Eastwood, 28 Dancer
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 74 American basketball player
Ashly Schwan, 24 Instagram Star
Brynn Cartelli, 18 Pop Singer
Dr Miami, 49 Snapchat Star
600Breezy, 30 Rapper
Liliana Mumy, 27 Actress
HelloHaley, 18 YouTube Star
Vickie Guerrero, 53 professional wrestling personality and manager
Bandit Gang Marco, 28 Rapper
Bill Belichick, 69 American football coach
Finlay MacMillan, 25 TV Actor
Nate Diaz, 36 American martial artist
Tyler Regan, 30 YouTube Star
Graham The Christian, 23 YouTube Star
Ronnie Flex, 29 Pop Singer
Wilbur Wright, 45 Inventor
Poppy Lee Friar, 26 TV Actress
Joshua Lester, 15 TV Actor
Mandy Teefey, 45 Family Member
Tokio Myers, 37 Pianist
Charles Stauffer, Jr., 14 Instagram Star
Crystal Methyd, 30 Reality Star
Kirsten Dodgen, 23 Dancer
Claire Foy, 37 British actress
Gretchen Weiss, 8 YouTube Star
Jon Cryer, 56 Actor writer film director film producer
Jaxajueny, 18 TikTok Star
Kel Swann, 28 YouTube Star
Pope Benedict XVI, 94 265th pope
Hayes MacArthur, 44 American actor and comedian
Nolan Arenado, 30 American baseball player
Tevin Thompson, 28 Rapper
Queen Margrethe II, 81 Queen
Tayler Brayden, 24 YouTube Star
Charles Stauffer Jr. (Instagram Star), 14 Instagram Star
Gina Carano, 39 American athlete and actress
Dallin Forsyth, 21 YouTube Star
Tyrese Bowe, 19 Instagram Star
Jake Andrews, 41 Guitarist