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Mac Miller, 26 Musician
Vincent Cyr, 94 YouTube Star
Keith Moon, 32 Musician songwriter composer record producer actor
Dex Osama, 22 Rapper
Kwon Ri-se, 23 Pop Singer
Amos Abplanalp, 41 Family Member
Warren Zevon, 56 American musician
Pop Warner, 83 Football Coach
Spring Byington, 84 American actress
Hannah More, 88 Novelist
Dickie Moore, 89 Actor
Suleiman I, 71 Sultan
José Clemente Orozco, 65 Mexican artist
Robert Earl Jones, 96 American politician
Pavol Demitra, 36 Professional ice hockey player
Emma Duke, 105 TV Actress
Joe Cronin, 77 American baseball player
Henry Browne Blackwell, 84 Politician
John Greenleaf Whittier, 84 American writer
Barbara Murray Holland, 77 Novelist
Mobutu Sese Seko, 66 Democratic Republic of the Congo President
Glenn Shadix, 58 American actor
Gaylord Wilshire, 66 Land developer publisher and socialist
George W. Crockett, Jr., 88 American politician
Everett Dirksen, 73 United States Army officer
Voula Zouboulaki, 90 Greek actor
Ashfaq Ahmed, 79 Pakistani philosopher writer
Maria Montez, 39 Actress author
John B. Calhoun, 78 American ethologist
Dennis Morgan, 85 Actor
Ken Boyer, 51 American baseball player and coach
Peter Nichols, 92 English dramatist and playwright
Wazir Agha, 88 Urdu linguist
Karen Blixen-Finecke, 77 Autobiographer
Cyrinda Foxe, 50 Actress model
John French Sloan, 80 American artist
Don Keefer, 98 American actor
Bobby Chacon, 64 American boxer
Sidney Lanier, 39 American musician poet
Anna Golubkina, 63 Russian sculptor
Walter A. Brown, 59 Sports Executive
Katrin Cartlidge, 41 Actress
Elisabeth Brooks, 46 Actress singer
Sara Roosevelt, 86 Mother of Franklin D Roosevelt
Morris Louis, 49 Second generation Abstract Expressionist pioneer of Color Field painting
Cecilia Beaux, 87 American artist
Terence Young, 79 Director
AJP Taylor, 84 Historian