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Sarah Betts, 175 YouTube Star
Fred Quimby, 79 Animation producer
James II, 67 King
Tom Fulp, 34 Creator of Newgrounds
David Cook, 32 Actor
Maria Callas, 53 Greek soprano
Terrie Hall, 53 American anti-smoking activist
Marc Bolan, 29 British musician
John A. Ryan, 77 Religious Leader
Peg Entwistle, 24 Stage Actress
Charles V of France, 42 King of France
Hallie Quinn Brown, 100 Teacher
Mary Travers, 72 Singer
Penny Chenery, 95 American racehorse owner and breeder
Levi Coffin, 78 American educator and abolitionist
Omar Mukhtar, 73 War Hero
Jean Piaget, 84 Swiss philosopher; developmental psychologist
Robert Jordan, 58 Novelist
Mamie Smith, 63 American vaudeville singer dancer pianist and actress
Oodgeroo Noonuccal, 72 Poet
Edward Albee, 88 Playwright
Sheb Wooley, 82 American actor-singer
Nicolas Baudin, 49 French explorer
John Ingle, 84 Actor
Izora Armstead, 62 American musician
Millicent Fenwick, 82 American politician
Fouad Elmohandes, 82 Movie Actor
Kara Kennedy, 51 Kennedy Family member
Ted Christopher, 59 NASCAR Modified driver
Peggy The Pug, 2 Dog
Daniel Fahrenheit, 50 Physicist
Constance Moore, 85 Actress singer
Gene Nelson, 76 Actor dancer screenwriter director
Jack Dodson, 63 American actor
Phog Allen, 88 American football and basketball coach
Thomas Graham, 63 Chemist
Michael Corbett, 84 Actor
Timothy Bateson, 83 British actor
Gordon Gould, 85 American inventor
Dolly Haas, 84 German-born actress and singer
Ichikawa Utaemon, 92 Movie Actor
Kim Hamilton, 81 American actress
Big Jay McNeely, 91 American rhythm and blues saxophonist
Louise Le Prince, 49 Director
Ratiba Elhefny, 81 Opera Singer
Norman Whitfield, 68 R&B Singer
Elsie Attenhofer, 90 Swiss entertainer
Giò Ponti, 87 Architect