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Patrick Swayze, 57 Actor dancer singer songwriter
Grace Kelly, 52 American actor Monegasque princess
Aaron Burr, 80 American politician
William McKinley, 58 American president
Isadora Duncan, 50 American dancer and choreographer
Yang Shangkun, 91 President of the People's Republic of China
LaWanda Page, 81 Actress comedian
Janet Gaynor, 77 Actress
Nhat Son, 32 Pop Singer
Henry Gibson, 73 Actor
James Fenimore Cooper, 61 American novelist
Dámaso Pérez Prado, 72 Dancer
Faith Leech, 72 Olympic swimmer
Mickey Hargitay, 80 American actor
Juliet Prowse, 59 Dancer actress
Max Bennett, 90 Bassist
Laxmi Prasad Devkota, 49 Nepalese poet
Robert Wise, 91 Film director
Wayne Morris, 45 Actor
Ove Sprogøe, 84 Actor
Hedwig Vontrapp, 55 Teacher
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, 87 First President of Czechoslovakia
Keith Floyd, 65 Chef
Grant Hart, 56 American musician
Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, 47 French general
Zienia Merton, 72 British actress
Beah Richards, 80 American film actor
Stephen Dunham, 48 American actor
Louise Boyd, 84 American explorer
Giovanni Domenico Cassini, 87 Astronomer discovered Saturn moons and Great Red Spot of Jupiter
Barbara Jo Allen, 68 American actress
Julian Beck, 60 American actor director and writer
Jesse L. Reno, 39 United States Army general
Irving Thalberg, 37 Film producer
Bill Copson, 63 English Test and County cricketer
Dick Thompson, 94 Race Car Driver
Bobby Graham, 64 British musician
Adrianne Allen, 86 Actress
Winston Rekert, 63 Canadian actor
George Englund, 91 Film director
Vernon Dalhart, 65 American opera singer
Warren Hull, 71 American actor
Ossip Gabrilowitsch, 58 russian-american pianist and conductor
Jorge Lavat, 78 Mexican actor
Hugo Ball, 41 Poet
Melville Shyer, 72 American film director
Joseph Nāwahī, 54 American artist
Dorothy Ferebee, 81 Doctor