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Wendy Williams, 55 American radio and television personality
Elijah Cummings, 68 American politician
Gordon Downie, 53 Canadian musician writer
Frédéric Chopin, 39 Polish composer and pianist
Alicia Alonso, 97 Caban ballerina & choreographer
3PAC, 27 Rapper
Mychael Knight, 39 American fashion designer
J. Bruce Ismay, 74 English footballer
Laura Secord, 93 War Hero
Tennessee Ernie Ford, 72 American musician and television host
Emily Murphy, 65 Canadian judge
Bill Macy, 97 American actor
Joey Bishop, 89 American entertainer
Teresa Brewer, 76 US pop singer
Danielle Darrieux, 100 actress
Levi Stubbs, 72 Singer actor
John Reed, 32 Writer
Oli Herbert, 44 Guitarist
William Vaughn Moody, 41 United States dramatist and poet
Puyi, 61 Emperor of China
Julia Ward Howe, 91 American abolitionist and poet
Harry Cooper, 150 Golfer
Bernt Balchen, 73 Aviator Author Explorer
Mounir Mourad, 59 Egyptian actor and musician
Emory Tate, 56 American chess player
Kannadasan, 54 Indian writer
Janice Rule, 72 Actress
Criss Oliva, 30 American musician
Howard Kendall, 69 English footballer and manager
Joan Hickson, 92 British actor
Hakim Said, 78 Pharmacologist
Lucy Bacon, 75 American artist
George Coleman, 98 American musician
Jean-Jacques Dessalines, 48 Emperor of Haiti
Leo Nomellini, 76 American professional wrestler
Alberta Hunter, 89 American blues singer songwriter and nurse
Youssef Wahbi, 80 Egyptian film director and actor
Christopher Oliva, 30 Metal Singer
Ray Boone, 81 American baseball player
Jay Livingston, 86 American composer and singer
Turk Broda, 58 Ice Hockey player
Peyo Yavorov, 36 Bulgarian poet
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, 58 composer and virtuoso pianist
Charlie Justice, 79 Football Player
Carl Lindner, Jr., 92 American businessman
Aleksander Michałowski, 87 Polish musician
Max Sage, 20 Family Member
Raymond Aron, 78 Philosopher