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Moe Howard, 77 American actor and comedian
Alex McDonald, 25 Snapchat Star
Josip Tito, 87 Politician
Adam Yauch, 47 American musician and film director
Dom DeLuise, 75 Actor comedian chef director producer author
Mary Murphy, 80 Actress
Rachel Held Evans, 37 American writer
Diana Dors, 52 Actress
Ellen Dow, 101 Movie Actress
Rachel Jones, 29 Blogger
Michael Taliferro, 44 American actor
Kanō Jigorō, 77 Founder of Judo pioneer member of the International Olympic Committee
Cathryn Damon, 56 American actor
E. Nesbit, 65 English writer poet
Nettie Stevens, 50 American geneticist
Sada Thompson, 83 Actress
Elena Baltacha, 30 Tennis player
Bob Bennett, 82 Politician
Mohammed Abdel Wahab, 91 Composer
Milan Peroutka, 49 TV Actor
Edmond Locard, 88 Entrepreneur
George Enescu, 73 Romanian composer musician
Ernie Harwell, 92 United States Marine
Paul Butterfield, 44 American blues vocalist and harmonica player
Valentino Mazzola, 30 Italian footballer
Milan Rastislav Štefánik, 38 Slovak scientist and politician
Gotse Delchev, 31 War Hero
Robert Kent, 46 Actor
Emily Remler, 32 American musician
Fred Baur, 89 Chemist
Noel Rosa, 26 Brazilian musician
Timothy Anglin, 73 Canadian politician
Edwin Sherin, 87 American stage and television actor director and producer
William Bast, 84 Author screenwriter
Bernie Winters, 58 Comedian
John Altieri, 38 Singer and actor
Jane Bowles, 56 Novelist playwright
Elaine Carrington, 66 Screenwriter
Dana Seetahal, 58 Politician
Eddie Doherty, 84 American journalist
Frances Nisbet, 69 Political Wife
James Cobb, 33 eSports Player
Giovanni Battista Grassi, 71 Zoologist
George Balcan, 71
Richard Pike Bissell, 63 American writer
Fred Haines, 72 American film director and screenwriter
Alexander Boghossian, 65 Ethiopian artist
Clarence Wiseman, 77 General of the Salvation Army