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Martha Washington, 70 First Lady of the United States
Langston Hughes, 65 Poet playwright novelist
Marsh McCall, 52 TV Producer
Victor Hugo, 83 French poet novelist dramatist
Nicky Hayden, 35 American motorcycle racer
Aminah Robinson, 75 American artist
Dina Merrill, 93 American actress socialite heiress businesswoman and philanthropist
Thurl Ravenscroft, 91 American actor and singer
Whitman Mayo, 70 American actor
Lefty Grove, 75 Major League Baseball pitcher
Claude McKay, 58 Jamaican American writer poet
Martin Gardner, 95 American recreational mathematician magician skeptic and magazine columnist
Philip Roth, 85 Novelist
John Sparks, 64 Self-Help Author
Richard Biggs, 44 American actor
John Marley, 76 American actor
John Derek, 71 Film actor and director
Rocky Graziano, 71 American boxer
Margaret Rutherford, 80 Actress
Cecil Day-Lewis, 68 Irish poet
Wolfgang Reitherman, 75 American animator and film director
Jonathan Johnson, 21 Baseball Player
Matthew Cowles, 69 American actor and playwright
Myrtle Bachelder, 89 American chemist
Alfred Hershey, 88 American chemist
Helen Herron Taft, 81 First Lady of the United States
Velimir "Bata" Živojinović, 82 Actor
Alessandro Manzoni, 88 Italian novelist
Joan Davis, 48 Actress vaudevillian
Elizabeth Sung, 63 American actor
Aubrey Fitch, 94 United States Navy admiral
Augusta Ladygregory, 80 Playwright
Richard Thorp, 81 English actor
Julius Plucker, 66 Mathematician
Mickey Roker, 85 American musician
Edward Bellamy, 48 American journalist and novelist
Chief Bender, 70 American baseball player and coach
Hampton Hawes, 48 American musician
Martin Gabel, 73 Actor
William Lansford, 90 Screenwriter
Stephan Rosti, 72 Actor Film director
Robert Asprin, 61 Novelist short story writer editor
Eileen Yo, 79 Instagram Star
Norman Read, 62 New Zealand racewalker
Joseph Wood Krutch, 76 American theater critic historian and biographer
Henri Dutilleux, 97 French composer
William Glackens, 68 American artist
James Brockman, 80 American songwriter