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Nicolette Gray, 85 YouTube Star
Anthony Bourdain, 61 Chef and food writer
Andrew Jackson, 78 seventh President of the United States
Curlyhead.kidd, 18 Instagram Star
Jackson Odell, 20 Actor
Satchel Paige, 75 American baseball player and coach
Emily Davison, 40 Suffragette teacher
Charles Ingalls, 66 Pa in Little House on the Prairie
Glenne Headly, 62 American actress
Joseph Montoya, 62 Politician
Bliss Carman, 68 Author
George Sand, 73 Author
Joseph A. Walker, 45 USAF/NASA test pilot and astronaut
Henry Samuel, 59 Family Member
Abraham Maslow, 62 American psychologist
GioVanni W, 217 Radio Host
Sani Abacha, 54 World Leader
Eunice Gayson, 90 British actor
Tony Michael, 61 Entrepreneur
Robert Donner, 75 American actor
Tre da Kid, 32 Rapper
Maria Bueno, 78 Tennis player
Dorothy Dell, 19 Actress
Roba Stanley, 78 musician
Maria Reiche, 95 Peruvian archaeologist
Chuck Roberson, 69 American actor
Johnny Palermo, 27 Actor
Emily Hobhouse, 66 British welfare campaigner
Chea Sim, 82 Cambodian politician
Paul Langlois, 25 Guitarist
Roy Skelton, 79 English actor and voice artist
Edward Howland Robinson Green, 67 Entrepreneur
Herschel Burke Gilbert, 85 Sound
Bob Ford, 30 Football Coach
Gerard Manley Hopkins, 44 Poet
Edward Moran, 71 American artist
Ed Bishop, 72 American actor
Lydia Lopokova, 88 Russian ballet dancer
Togrul Narimanbekov, 82 Azerbaijani artist
Emmy Göring, 80 German actor
Alan Rubin, 68 Jazz trumpeter Blues Brothers member
Eli Mintz, 83 American actor
Jim Northrup, 71 Baseball Player
Sarah Siddons, 75 Actress
Noah Haynes Swayne, 79 American politician
Andreas Voutsinas, 79 Greek actor
Richard Rorty, 75 American philosopher
Teddy Nelson, 52 Country Singer