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Vivien Leigh, 53 Actress
Kim Il-sung, 82 President of North Korea
Ernest Borgnine, 95 American actor
June Allyson, 88 Actress
Castro, 32 Rapper
Nelsan Ellis, 39 Actor
Roberts Blossom, 87 Actor poet
Tab Hunter, 86 American actor and singer
Moose Charlap, 45 American composer
Betty Ford, 93 First Lady of the United States 1974 to 1977
Elsa Martinelli, 82 Italian fashion model and actress
Percy Bysshe Shelley, 29 English poet
Jorge Valenzuela, 26 World Music Singer
Ghassan Kanafani, 36 Palestinian writer
Tom Thomson, 39 Canadian artist
Dick Sargent, 64 Actor activist
Katherine Stinson, 86 American aviator
Grace Coolidge, 78 First Lady of the United States
Christiaan Huygens, 66 Mathematician
Pete Conrad, 69 American astronaut
James Franciscus, 57 Actor
Joshua Castille, 22 TV Actor
Jake Jacob, 93 Instagram Star
Paula Danziger, 59 Children's book author
Howard Duff, 76 Actor
Ward Kimball, 88 Animator and director
Michael Wilding, 66 Actor
Hyman G. Rickover, 86 United States admiral
James Tate, 71 Poet
Isa Miranda, 73 Actress
Christine McIntyre, 73 American actor and singer
Brett Walker, 51 American singer songwriter musician and record producer
Robert Burns Woodward, 62 Organic chemist and discoverer of Woodward–Hoffmann rules
Robert J. Wood, 81 American army general
William Lucas, 91 Actor
Charlie Shavers, 53 Trumpet Player
Paul Mantz, 61 Aviator air racing pilot movie stunt pilot
Randy Schell, 64 Voice Actor
Alexa Campbell, 42 Instagram Star
Bill Hallahan, 78 American baseball player
Adrian Cristescu, 22 Pianist
George Seitz, 2 Screenwriter
Clarence Lightner, 80 American politician
Aleksis Dreimanis, 96 Canadian geologist
Charles E. Merriam, 78 Political Scientist
Olga Printzlau, 70 Screenwriter
John Bray, 69 Boxer
David Hazzard, 83 American politician