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Estelle Getty, 84 Actress
Cassius Marcellus Clay, 92 Politician
Illinois Jacquet, 81 American jazz tenor saxophonist
Alexander Hamilton Rice, 76 Politician
Dennis Farina, 69 American actor
James Whitcomb Riley, 66 American poet
Carl Sandburg, 89 American poet and nonfiction writer
William Lyon Mackenzie King, 75 10th Prime Minister of Canada (1921-1926 1926–1930 1935–1948)
Isabella Miller, 87 Figure Skater
Vermont Royster, 82 Journalist
Duane Jones, 51 Actor
Dennis Green, 67 American football player and coach Canadian football player
Hazel Wood, 83 Instagram Star
Jessie Mae Hemphill, 82 American country blues guitarist songwriter and vocalist
Tony Sparano, 56 American football coach
Christopher Columbus Kraft, 95 Engineer
Nig Cuppy, 53 American baseball player
Sandford Fleming, 88 Entrepreneur
Linda Christian, 87 Mexican actress
Charles VII of France, 58 King of France
Tom Aldredge, 83 American stage film and television actor
Miss Frances Horwich, 94 TV Actress
Emlen Tunnell, 50 American football player
Albert You, 62 YouTube Star
Manuel Gonzalez, 74 Politician
William Mulholland, 79 British sailor
John Roebling, 63 Engineer
Eric Christmas, 84 British actor
Sonny Stitt, 58 American jazz saxophonist
Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., 65 Broadway impresario
Indra Lal Roy, 19 British flying ace
Salah Shehade, 49 Palestinian leader
AG Kripal Singh, 53 Cricket Player
Joe Beck, 62 American musician
Reginald Fessenden, 65 Canadian radio pioneer
Ted Fio Rito, 70 Musician
László Kovács, 74 Cinematographer
Lloyd Waner, 76 American baseball player
Roscoe Robinson, Jr., 64 United States general
William Bartram, 84 Environmentalist
Bill Schulz, 43 American television personality
Robert Newhouse, 64 Player of American football
Helen Brockman, 105 American fashion designer
Dwight E. Beach, 92 United States Army general
Tony Galento, 69 American professional wrestler
Henry Tayali, 43 Zambian artist scupltor printmaker and lecturer
Fred Kaps, 54 Dutch magician
Ronald Sukenick, 72 American writer