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Alexander Hamilton, 47 Founding Fathers of the United States
Emily Hartridge, 35 YouTube Star
Minnie Riperton, 31 American singer-songwriter
Kelly Preston, 57 American actress and model
Dolley Madison, 81 First Lady of the United States
Ira Smith, 76 Dancer
Lon Chaney, Jr., 67 Actor
Nicole Thea, 24 Dancer
William Howe, 11 War Hero
Abdul Hamid, 75 World Leader
Sherwood Schwartz, 94 American television writer and producer
Johnny Cooper, 80 Rock Singer
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., 56
Clara Lemlich, 96 Union organizer suffragist activist
Dara Singh, 84 Wrestler & Actor
Jacob Jonas, 48 Choreographer
Douglas Hyde, 89 Irish scholar and 1st President of Ireland
Roger Perry, 85 American actor
Rajendra Kumar, 69 Indian actor
Juan Castro, 45 association football player (1934-1979)
Kenneth More, 67 English actor
John Chancellor, 68 Journalist
Ray Stannard Baker, 76 American journalist
Charles Rolls, 32 British businessman
Amar Bose, 83 Bengali American electrical engineer sound engineer and billionaire entrepreneur
Bobby Murcer, 62 American baseball player
Tony Snow, 53 American White House Press Secretary
Benny Carter, 95 American jazz alto saxophonist clarinetist trumpeter composer arranger and bandleader
Else Holmelund Minarik, 91 Children's Author
Richard Cromwell, 85 English politicianLord Protector
Joshua Logan, 79 American film and stage director and writer
Harvey Pekar, 70 Writer
Owen Connelly, 87 American historian
Bill Burrud, 65 American Actor
Jimmy Driftwood, 91 Folk Singer
Mirza Alakbar Sabir, 49 Azerbaijani poet
Ole Evinrude, 57 American inventor
John Moresby, 92 Naval Officer
Tuli Kupferberg, 86 American anarchist poet publisher and musician.
Chenjerai Hove, 59 Zimbabwean poet and writer
Sidney Hook, 86 American philosopher
Horace Harmon Lurton, 70 Confederate Army soldier lawyer judge and politician
Otto Nagel, 72 German artist
Ann Stanford, 70 American poet
L. Wolfe Gilbert, 83 Composer lyricist author publisher
Cyrus West Field, 72 Entrepreneur
George Pistoney, 96 Director
Stepan Bubnov, 78 Actor