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Aaliyah, 22 Singer dancer actress model
Neil Armstrong, 82 American astronaut; first human to set foot on the Moon
John McCain, 81 U.S. Senator from Arizona; 2008 Republican Presidential nominee
Rich Piana, 46 Bodybuilder
Kyle Pavone, 28 Rock Singer
Esther Earl, 16 Blogger
Thomas Dekker, 60 Actor
Ted Kennedy, 77 American politician; Senior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts
Friedrich Nietzsche, 55 19th-century philosopher
Michael Faraday, 75 British Physicist and Chemist
Truman Capote, 59 Novelist short story writer playwright
James Watt, 83 Industrial Revolution engineer of the steam engine
Queen Margaret of Anjou, 52 Queen
Carl Barks, 99 Illustrator comic book creator
William Herschel, 83 British astronomer
Johnny Hayes, 79 Athletics (sport) competitor
Art Rooney, 87 American football player executive owner
Powell Clayton, 81 Union Army general
Jonathan Goldstein, 54 Actor
Kevin Duckworth, 44 National Basketball Association player
Paul Muni, 71 Actor
Stan Kenton, 67 American musician
Musa Cälil, 38 Soviet poet
Sonia Rykiel, 86 French fashion designer
George Lincoln Rockwell, 49 American politician
Alfred Kinsey, 62 American scientist
Gower Champion, 61 American actor adn dancer
Colin Fry, 53 Reality Star
Peter Cooper Hewitt, 60 American electrical engineer
Ahmad Faraz, 77 Poet
Henri Becquerel, 55 French physicist
Jacob H. Stewart, 55 American politician
Arlo Bates, 67 Essayist
Celia Thaxter, 59 American writer
William Froug, 91 American television producer and writer
Thomas Chittenden, 67 Politician
Perry Lafferty, 87 American television producer and executive
Édouard Michelin, 81 French industrialist
Jack Nitzsche, 63 American musician
Carlos Seixas, 38 Portuguese composer
Fabri Salcedo, 71 American soccer player
Robert Campbell Reeve, 78 Pioneering aviator founder of Reeve Aleutian Airways
Donna Christanello, 69 professional wrestler
Morley Callaghan, 87 Novelist
Slobodan Pejić, 62 Painter and sculptor
Robert Trimble, 51 United States federal judge
Camilla Spira, 91 Actress
Mieczysław Munz, 75 American musician