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Pablo Picasso, 91 Spanish painter and sculptor
James Hellwig, 54 Actor
Margaret Thatcher, 87 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979–1990)
Marian Anderson, 96 American contralto
Ryan White, 18 AIDS spokesperson and poster boy
Annette Funicello, 70 American actress singer
María Félix, 87 Actress
Ben Johnson, Jr., 77 Movie Actor
Per Ohlin, 22 World Music Singer
Elisha Otis, 49 Founder of Otis Elevator Co.
Daisy Lewellyn, 36 Reality Star
Omar Bradley, 88 United States Army field commander during World War II
Claire Trevor, 90 Actress
George W. Jenkins, 88 American businessman and philanthropist
Laura Nyro, 49 American musician and songwriter
Sara Montiel, 85 Actress singer
Bing Russell, 76 American actor and baseball club owner
Chuck McCann, 83 Actor
Malcolm McLaren, 64 Musician band manager entrepreneur songwriter
Franklin Clarence Mars, 50 Entrepreneur
Stanley Kamel, 65 Actor
Prince Shotoku, 48 Politician
Richard Brooker, 58 Actor
Mangal Pandey, 29 War Hero
Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya, 85 Biologist
Marko Penn, 26 R&B Singer
Anton Diabelli, 76 Austrian composer
Amelia Peláez, 72 Cuban artist
Donald Adams, 67 Opera singer actor
Patrick Joseph Sullivan, 70 Irish-American politician
Relja Bašić, 87 Croatian actor and politician
Cedella Booker, 81 Jamaican singer and writer
Susanna Moodie, 81 Canadian writer
István Széchenyi, 68 Hungarian noble
John II of France, 44 King of France
Sol LeWitt, 78 American artist
Donald Byrne, 45 American chess player
Pyotr Kapitsa, 89 Russian physicist
George Jean Nathan, 76 Journalist
Helena Modjeska, 68 Polish-American actress
Jean-Baptiste Arban, 64 Cornetist
Adolph Ochs, 77 American newspaper publisher former owner of The New York Times and The Chattanooga Times
Tommy Abbott, 52 American actor
Benjamin Eisenstadt, 89 American inventor
Ivan Vurnik, 87 Architect
Daniel Bovet, 85 Swiss pharmacologist
John Frederick Coots, 87 American songwriter
John Brashear, 79 American astronomer and instrument builder