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Patrick Sharp, 39 Canadian ice hockey player
Nia Vardalos, 58 American actor
Jonathan Toews, 33 Ice hockey player
Anna Paquin, 38 Actress
Ruby Dhalla, 47 politician
Alexander Steen, 37 Swedish-Canadian ice hockey player
Ashleigh Banfield, 53 Canadian journalist
Ishq Bector, 39 Indian singer
Sophia Santi, 39 Canadian Penthouse Pet; adult model performer & director
Brian Bowman, 75 Euphonium professor Euphonium performer Euphonium recording artist
Steve Corino, 48 Professional wrestler
Brad Roberts, 57 Canadian musician
John Urschel, 29 Academic All-American college football player Guard Mathematician
Scott Myers, 63 American artist
Douglas Rain, 90 Canadian actor
Mike Ireland, 47 Canadian speed skater
Peter Harder, 68 Danish linguist
Cathy Gauthier, 60 Canadian curler
Frazer McLaren, 33 Canadian ice hockey player
Michelle Rempel, 41 Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre-North
Cathy King, 61 Canadian curler
Graham Steele, 56 Canadian politician
Larissa Waters, 44 Australian Greens politician; Senator for Queensland
Kellie Leitch, 50 Canadian politician
Ryan Kennedy, 38 Canadian actor
Cody Eakin, 30 Canadian ice hockey player
Chantal Sutherland, 45 Jockey
Sarah Stock, 42 Professional wrestler
Kaitlyn Lawes, 32 Canadian curler
Blake Price, 46 Canadian journalist
Suzanne Goldenberg, 59
Brent Fitz, 51 Canadian-born musician and recording artist
Jamie Cudmore, 42 Canadian rugby union player
Gord Paterson, 70 Canadian football player
Neil Farber, 46 Canadian artist
Riley Cote, 39 Canadian ice hockey player
Jill Officer, 46 Canadian curler
Alana Miller, 40 Canadian squash player
Randy Bachman, 77 Canadian musician
Dawna Friesen, 56
Allison Danger, 44 professional wrestler and professional wrestling manager
Burton Cummings, 73 Canadian musician
Carter Ashton, 30 Canadian ice hockey player
David Steinberg, 67 Comedian actor director writer author
Brendan Leipsic, 27 Canadian ice hockey player
Tina Keeper, 59 Canadian politician
Calvin Pickard, 29 Canadian ice hockey goaltender
Danishka Esterhazy, 52 Canadian film director and writer