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Famous people from Vancouver, Canada including Avan Jogia, Rosa Mendes, Sydney Leroux, Alexander Ludwig, Neeru Bajwa, Neeru Bajwa and many more.

Avan Jogia, 29 Canadian actor
Rosa Mendes, 41 Canadian professional wrestler and model
Sydney Leroux, 31 Professional soccer player
Alexander Ludwig, 29 Canadian actor singer and model
Neeru Bajwa, 41 Actress
Jessica Lowndes, 32 Canadian actor
Nathan Fielder, 38 Canadian actor
Ryan Little, 50 American film director producer and cinematographer
Maggie Ma, 39 Canadian actor
Evander Kane, 30 Canadian ice hockey player
Torrance Coombs, 38 British actor
Mark Donnelly, 61 Canadian singer
Nardwuar the Human Serviette, 53 Canadian radio personality
Nolan Gerard Funk, 35 Canadian actor
Devin Townsend, 49 Canadian metal musician and producer
Morgan Rielly, 27 Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Milan Lucic, 33 Hockey player
Alaina Huffman, 41 Canadian actor
Jennifer Granholm, 62 Governor of Michigan
Vita Chambers, 28 Singer
Michael Shanks, 50 Canadian actor
Santa J. Ono, 58 Immunologist university administrator
Burkely Duffield, 29 Actor
Troy Brouwer, 36 Canadian ice hockey player
Angela Fong, 36 professional wrestler model cheerleader and actress
John Paul Ospina, 41 Colombian musician
Aaron Pritchett, 51 Canadian musician
Evan Goldberg, 39 Canadian filmmaker
Antonio Cupo, 43 Canadian actor
Liam James, 25 A teenage Canadian actor.
Grant Lawrence, 50 Musician radio host writer
Chelsea Hobbs, 36 Canadian actor
Emmanuelle Vaugier, 45 Actress and Singer
Cheryl Kaye Tardif, 58 Canadian writer
Daniel Adair, 46 Canadian drummer
Zane Holtz, 34 Canadian actor
Brendan Brazier, 46 Canadian triathlete publisher writer editor
Hayden Christensen, 40 Canadian actor
Jeff Wall, 75 Canadian photographer
Enuka Okuma, 45 Canadian actor
Erica Cerra, 41 Actress
Bill Smart, 73 Canadian distance runner
Sean Anthony, 35 Filipino basketball player
Alisha Newton, 20 Actress
Stan Douglas, 61 Canadian photographer
Kid Koala, 47 Canadian DJ and musician
Peter New, 49 Canadian actor
Ranj Dhaliwal, 45 Canadian writer