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Famous people from United States of America, including Banky W., Ken Rosenthal, Darren Kavinoky, Billy Burke (actor), John Gruber, John Gruber and many more.

Banky W., 40 Nigerian singer
Ken Rosenthal, 59 American baseball player
Darren Kavinoky, 54 American lawyer and journalist
Billy Burke (actor), 54 American actor musician
John Gruber, 48 American Blogger
Derek Sivers, 52 Businessman
Matthew Yglesias, 40 American blogger
Sean Hill, 21 American ice hockey player
James Altucher, 53 American hedge fund manager entrepreneur and author
Kyle Kinane, 44 American comedian
Jim Florentine, 57 American actor writer and comedian
E. E. Bell, 65 American actor
Paul Washer, 60 Preacher
Aaron Klein, 41 American journalist
David Nutter, 61 American film director
Jonathan Chait, 49
Beth Shak, 51 American poker player
Steve Pink, 55 American actor
Sean Ellis, 51 British filmmaker
Chris Metzen, 47 American game designer voice actor author and artist
Lauren Santo Domingo, 45 American magazine editor
Chad Duell, 34 American actor
Keith Boykin, 56 American writer and broadcaster
Jonah Peretti, 47 American businessman
Adam Leventhal, 41 British sports broadcaster
Jincey Lumpkin, 41 Writer
John Aravosis, 57 Gay activist
Robb Cullen, 51 American Actor, Writer And Producer
Omar Hussein, 35 Stand-up comedian
Shane Hurlbut, 57 American cinematographer
Michael Holley, 51 American sportswriter
Seth Gamble, 35 American pornographic actor
Jack Vale, 48 YouTube comedian
Rebecca Watson, 41 American feminist atheist blogger
Maity Interiano, 36 American journalist
Carrie Rodriguez, 43 American singer
Jacob Weisberg, 57 American journalist
Trymaine Lee, 43 American journalist
Lisa Genova, 50 Literary fiction writer
Jim Morris, 57 High school science teacher made it to the big leagues
Jim Wallis, 73 American activist
Allison Kilkenny, 38 American journalist
Barbara Marx Hubbard, 89 American Writer
Linda King, 81 American artist
Mikaila, 34 American musician
Jeaniene Frost, 47 American writer
Lauren Francesca, 29 American actor comedian and musician
Nathan Rabin, 45 American film critic