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Famous people from Toronto, Canada including Shawn Mendes, Deadmau5, KingBach, Stephen Amell, Coco Rocha, Coco Rocha and many more.

Shawn Mendes, 23 Pop Singer
Deadmau5, 40 Canadian DJ and record producer
KingBach, 111 American actor and filmmaker
Stephen Amell, 40 Canadian actor
Coco Rocha, 33 Canadian model
Drake (rapper), 34 Actor rapper singer
Charlie Brooker, 50 British comedian journalist TV presenter
Stephen Harper, 62 22nd Prime Minister of Canada; Canadian economist and politician
Trish Stratus, 45 Canadian actress, wrestler & model
P. K. Subban, 32 Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Anita Sarkeesian, 37 American blogger
Frank D'Angelo, 62 Canadian entrepreneur
Robbie Amell, 33 Canadian actor
David Frum, 61 American political commentator
Daniel Negreanu, 47 Professional poker player
Patrick J. Adams, 40 Actor
Cory Doctorow, 50 Journalist. Author
Elliotte Friedman, 50 Canadian sports journalist
Nick Kypreos, 55 Canadian ice hockey player
Naheed Nenshi, 49 Mayor of Calgary
Kenny Hotz, 54 Canadian actor
Lisa Ray, 49 Canadian actor
Rick Fox, 52 Retired basketball player actor
Angelina Love, 40 Professional wrestler
Devon Bostick, 29 Canadian actor
Isadore Sharp, 89 Canadian businessman
Jayde Nicole, 35 Canadian model Playboy's Playmate
Deborah Cox, 47 Canadian musician
Tamara Taylor, 50 Canadian television actress
Kevin Weekes, 46 Canadian ice hockey player
Charles Beer, 79 Canadian politician
Kathleen Wynne, 68 Canadian politician
Cabbie Richards, 44 TV personality interviewer correspondent
Mark Steyn, 61 Canadian writer
Dean McDermott, 54 Actor
Evan Solomon, 53 Canadian writer
Cassie Steele, 31 Canadian television actor and singer
Laurieann Gibson, 52 Canadian choreographer
Scott McGillivray, 43 Canadian businessman
T. Harv Eker, 67 American writer
Paul Watson, 70 Canadian politician
Dan Shulman, 54 Canadian sportscaster
Laura Vandervoort, 37 Canadian actress
Mikey Bustos, 40 International pop recording artist/actor/comedian/YouTuber and president of Bustos Entertainment Inc
Al Sims, 68 Canadian ice hockey player
Tinsel Korey, 41 Canadian actress
Zack Ward, 51 Canadian actor
Adnan Virk, 43 Canadian sportscaster