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Famous people from Silver Spring, United States of America including Rian Johnson, Victor Oladipo, Holly Montag, Dominique Dawes, Tyler Thornton, Tyler Thornton and many more.

Rian Johnson, 47 American film director
Victor Oladipo, 29 American basketball player
Holly Montag, 38 Reality Star
Dominique Dawes, 44 American gymnast
Tyler Thornton, 29 College basketball player
Brandon Cox, 37 American football player
Dave Fennoy, 69 Voice actor
Donna Richardson, 64 American fitness instructor
Ryan Pinkston, 33 American actor
Lisa Ann Walter, 58 American actor
Joanna Lohman, 39 Association footballer
Jen Miller, 49 American artist
Mara Schiavocampo, 42 American journalist
Kate Siegel, 39 American actor
Chris Brandt, 51 American cartoonist and filmmaker
Nora Roberts, 17 Romance novelist
Michael Ealy, 48 American actor
Cliff Warren, 53 American basketball player-coach
Daniel Snyder, 56 American football owner
Roosh V, 42 American writer
Jeff Waldstreicher, 41 American politician
William Frick, 46 American politician
Luke Carlin, 40 American baseball player
Natalie Dell, 36 American female crew rower
Jason Freeny, 51 Artist
Chris Daly, 49 American Politician
Shayan Modarres, 37 civil rights activist
Folarin Campbell, 35 American basketball player
Jamal Olasewere, 30 Nigerian-American professional basketball player
Wayne Duvall, 63 American actor
Lewis Black, 73 American comedian
Rebecca Sugar, 34 Animator
Josh Hart, 26 Basketball Player
Jerian Grant, 29 Basketball Player
Crystal Chappell, 56 American actor
Brady Anderson, 57 Major League Baseball outfielder
Dan Futterman, 54 Actor screenwriter
Darrius Heyward-Bey, 34 American football player
Chris Edgerly, 52 American comedian
Hank Chen, 31 Movie Actor
Keith Howland, 57 American musician
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, 37 Novelist
Bill Callahan, 55 Actor
Jake Powell, 40 American baseball player
Joe Lally, 57 American musician
Erik Fellows, 40 Actor
Philip Dulebohn, 48 Figure skater
Blair Lee I, 87 American politician