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Famous people from Shreveport, United States of America including Kix Brooks, Tim Brando, Vernon Wells, J. R. Martinez, James Dobson, James Dobson and many more.

Kix Brooks, 66 American musician
Tim Brando, 65 Sports announcer
Vernon Wells, 42 American baseball player
J. R. Martinez, 38 American actor
James Dobson, 51 Evangelical Christian psychologist author and radio broadcaster.
John Boozman, 70 American politician
Jacob Hester, 36 Player of American football
Troy Edwards, 44 All-American college football player professional football player wide receiver
Brian Blade, 51 American musician
Brandon Friedman, 43 American military writer blogger and memoirist
Buddy Roemer, 77 Governor of Louisiana
Colleen Clinkenbeard, 41 Voice stage actress and director
Ariel Meredith, 35 American model
Letha Weapons, 49 Former adult actress stripper & model
Amanda Havard, 35 Novelist songwriter interactive book developer
Freddie Spencer, 59 American motorcycle racer
Howard Fuller, 80 British racing driver
Stan Humphries, 56 American football player
Buddy Wakefield, 47 American poet
Jeff Cox, 65 American baseball player
Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 44 American musician
Foster Campbell, 74 American politician
Meredith Duncan, 41 Professional golfer
Floyd Turner, 55 American football player
Pat Dennis, 43 American football player
Royal Alexander, 55 Attorney
Robert Parish, 68 American basketball player
Billy Thomas (basketball), 45 American basketball player
Todd Self, 42 American baseball player
Ron Battle, 62 Player of American football
Dylan LeBlanc, 31 American musician
Albert Belle, 55 American baseball player
Chris Tiller, 42 American baseball umpire
Brenton Wood, 80 American singer
Michael Aubrey, 39 American baseball player
Andrew Lloyd, 62 Australian distance runner
Art Carmody, 37 Player of American football
Steve Dennis, 70 Player of American and Canadian football
Kenny Davidson, 54 American football player
Tommy Maddox, 50 American football player
Barbara Payne, 89 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
William Mosley, 32 American basketball player
Josh Stinson, 33 American baseball player
Barrow Peacock, 51 Louisiana state senator
Lo Walker, 88 American politician and retired United States Air Force colonel
Wendell Tyler, 66 American football player
Chi Chi DeVayne, 36 Reality Star
Mikky Ekko, 36 Pop Singer