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Famous people from Saint John, Canada including Peter Chao, Joseph A. Day, Desiree Lowry, Carol Whitaker, Ryan Jimmo, Ryan Jimmo and many more.

Peter Chao, 34 Canadian comedian
Joseph A. Day, 76 Canadian politician
Desiree Lowry, 49 Model
Carol Whitaker, 39 Canadian curler
Ryan Jimmo, 39 CAnadian martial artist
Jody Carr, 46 Canadian politician
Jennifer Armstrong, 29 Children's author of fiction and non-fiction
Paul Higgins (actor), 59 Canadian ice hockey player
Arthur Irving, 90 Canadian businessman
Donald Sutherland, 86 Canadian actor
Kevin Chase, 45 Canadian country music singer-songwriter
Trevor Holder, 48 Canadian politician
Brett Somers, 83 Canadian actor
Stompin' Tom Connors, 77 Canadian singer
Blank Banshee, 33 DJ
Walter Pidgeon, 87 Actor
Matt Stairs, 53 Baseball player
Lyman Ward, 80 Actor
Ken Tobias, 76 Canadian singer-songwriter
Henry Mullin, 75 Canadian baseball player
Yvon Vautour, 65 Canadian ice hockey player and coach
Nancy Teed, 43 Canadian politician
Leverett George DeVeber, 76 Canadian politician active in provincial politics and member of the Canadian Senate
John Horbury Hunt, 66 Australian architect
Bev Harrison, 79 Canadian politician
Chauncey O'Toole, 35 Rugby player
Amos Botsford, 68 Canadian politician
Reginald W. Mabey, 89 Canadian politician
Willard M. Mitchell, 76 Canadian artist
Allan McAvity, 61 Canadian politician
William C. Heine, 71
Ron Atkey, 75 Canadian lawyer professor and former politician
Lawrence Stephen McMahon, 57 Catholic bishop
Stuart Jamieson, 69 Canadian politician
Amos Edwin Botsford, 89 Canadian politician
Carl Biddiscombe, 76 Set decorator
Ward Chipman, 36 Canadian politician
Rodney Weston, 57 Canadian politician
Bob Stephen, 50 Canadian football player
Noël Kinsella, 81 Canadian politician
William J. Woodroffe, 70 Canadian politician
William Francis Ganong, 77 Canadian botanist historian and cartographer
David Laurence MacLaren, 66 Canadian politician
John Babington Macaulay Baxter, 78 Canadian politician
Neil Nicholson (ice hockey), 72 ice hockey player
Brian Merrett, 76 Canadian photographer
Maxwell Cummings, 103
Larry Cross, 62 Actor