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Famous people from Pittsburgh, United States of America including Mac Miller, IJustine, Maddie Ziegler, Zachary Quinto, Dennis Miller, Dennis Miller and many more.

Mac Miller, 26 Musician
IJustine, 37 American video blogger
Maddie Ziegler, 19 American actress
Zachary Quinto, 44 American actor
Dennis Miller, 67 American comedian
Joe Manganiello, 44 Actor
John Buccigross, 55 American sportscaster
Corey Graves, 37 professional wrestler
David Dank, 76 American politician and consultant
Dan Marino, 60 American football player
Jenna Morasca, 40 actress swimsuit model reality television personality and professional wrestling personality
Meghan Klingenberg, 33 American soccer player
Wayne Coyne, 60 lead singer guitarist and principal songwriter for the band The Flaming Lips
DeJuan Blair, 32 American basketball player
Eric Red, 60 Screenwriter film director
Chevy Woods, 40 American rapper
Dave Dameshek, 51 American sports journalist
Caterina Fake, 52 American businesswoman
Rip Scherer, 69 American football player and coach
Jon Daly, 38 Footballer
Ryan Allis, 37 Businessperson
Curtis Martin, 48 American football running back
Barry Church, 33 Player of American football
Ron Rich, 83 American actor
Jackie Evancho, 21 Singer
Brendan Eich, 60 American computer programmer and technologist
Andy Mientus, 34 American actor
Lamman Rucker, 50 American actor
R. C. Sproul, 78 American theologian
Elon James White, 43 American comedian
Allison Schmitt, 31 American college swimmer international swimmer Olympic gold medalist
Vinnie Sunseri, 28 American football player
Chris Garver, 51 American tattoo artist
Raymond Book, 93 American politician
Augusten Burroughs, 56 American writer
Tom Wallisch, 34 American freeskier
Tom Savini, 74 American stuntman and filmmaker
Michael Luo, 45 Journalist
Bruce Gradkowski, 38 American football player
Frank Gaffney, 68 American writer and pundit
Kevin Colbert, 64 American football player and executive
Robert Somerville, 81 American historian
Amy Harmon, 38 American science and technology writer
Jake Herbert, 36 Olympic wrestler
Sharif Atkins, 46 American actor
Tony Fratto, 55
Richard A. Bennett, 78 American politician
Alison Riske, 31 Tennis player