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Famous people from Montreal, Canada including Eugenie Bouchard, Kevin O'Leary, Yank Barry, Ariel Helwani, Barbara Dunkelman, Barbara Dunkelman and many more.

Eugenie Bouchard, 27 Tennis player
Kevin O'Leary, 67 Canadian Businessman, Writer And Television Personality
Yank Barry, 73 Canadian musician
Ariel Helwani, 39 Journalist
Barbara Dunkelman, 32 Canadian actor
Guy A. Lepage, 61 Canadian comedian
Shira Lazar, 38 Canadian actor
Pierre Bouvier, 42 Canadian musician
Véronique Cloutier, 46 Radio Host
Steven Pinker, 67 American cognitive scientist
William Hope (actor), 66 Canadian actor
Rachelle Lefevre, 42 Actress
Georges Laraque, 44 Canadian ice hockey player
Jon Lajoie, 41 Comedian and musician
Vanessa Lengies, 36 Actress
Emmanuelle Chriqui, 45 Canadian actress
Patrick Patterson, 80 Jamaican cricketer
Jonah Keri, 47 Canadian writer
Chuck Comeau, 42 Canadian musician
Mario Lemieux, 55 Canadian ice hockey centre Pittsburgh Penguins owner
Sébastien Lefebvre, 40 Canadian musician
Bianca Beauchamp, 43 Adult model
Jason Reitman, 43 Director; writer
Ariel Rebel, 36 Canadian pornographic actor and model
Richard Martineau, 60 Journalist
Charlotte Le Bon, 35 Actress model tv presenter
Benoît Dutrizac, 60 Canadian Journalist
Geoff Molson, 50 Canadian businessperson
Shawn Drover, 55 Canadian musician
Dave Hodge, 76 Canadian sportscaster
Kito Poblah, 34 Canadian football league player
Elisabetta Fantone, 39 Canadian artist
Philippe Couillard, 64 Canadian politician
Yvon Deschamps, 86 Canadian comedian
Vincent Lecavalier, 41 Canadian ice hockey centre
Éric Lucas, 50 Canadian boxer
Alex Tagliani, 47 Canadian racing driver
Alissa White-Gluz, 36 Metal Singer
Stacey Jackson, 52 Canadian singer
Gilbert Rozon, 66 Businessperson
Mathieu Darche, 44 Canadian ice hockey player
Joannie Rochette, 35 Figure skater
Patrick Huard, 52 Canadian actor
Lynda Bellingham, 66 British actor
Patricia Paquin, 52 Television personality
Isabelle Racicot, 49 Radio host
Meaghan Rath, 35 Canadian actress
Ben Mulroney, 45 Canadian television host