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Pia Cayetano, 55 Filipino politician
Robin Sloan, 41 American writer
Teju Cole, 46 Writer
Violent J, 49 American professional wrestler
Steve Kardynal, 31 American YouTube comedian
Dana Jacobson, 49 American sports announcer
Richard Grenell, 54
Jean Chatzky, 56 American journalist
Eric Menk, 46 American basketball player
Rob Little, 48 American actor
Sister Roma, 58 Drag Queen
Emina Cunmulaj, 36 Albanian American model
Brian Acton, 49 Internet entrepreneur
Greg Fleet, 59 Australian comedian and actor
Bronze Nazareth, 41 American rapper
Shaggy 2 Dope, 46 American professional wrestler
Aimee Carter, 35 American writer
Robert Tapert, 66 American film producer
Dan Scanlon, 45 American animator
Anne Mallory, 46 American writer
Dave Dorman, 63 Illustrator
George Winston, 72 American pianist
Pete Worden, 72 Head of NASA Amese Research centre
Dean Wright, 59 American film director and visual effects supervisor
Neil Kleid, 46 Cartoonist
Jeanie Forrester, 63 American politician
James A. Roy, 57 United States Air Force officer
Ben Reynolds, 33 Australian rugby league player
Katherine Ramsland, 68 American writer
Crystal Hayes, 36
Kelly Church, 54 Odawa-Ojibwe basket weaver painter birch bark biter and educator
Richelle Mead, 44 American writer
Casey Cott, 28 TV Actor
Sean Giambrone, 22 TV Actor
Kameron Couch, 14 Dancer
Sarah Habel, 39 American actor
Quinn XCII, 29 Pop Singer
Mark Crilley, 55 Children's Author
Daniel Silva, 60 Tattoo Artist
Jenae Altschwager, 44 Actress
Chris Owen, 40 Actor
Robbie Tucker, 20 Actor
James St. James, 55 American writer
Frank Murphy, 59 Politician and Supreme court justice
Preston Tucker, 53 American businessman
Dusty Rhoades, 52 YouTube Star
Scott Fischer, 40 blond hair and chiseled nose
Marcie Bolen, 43 American musician