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Famous people from Lubbock, United States of America including Natalie Maines, Landon Johnson, Terry Norris, Tyler Lyons, Glenn Coffee, Glenn Coffee and many more.

Natalie Maines, 47 Lead singer for Dixie Chicks
Landon Johnson, 40 American football player
Terry Norris, 54 American boxer
Tyler Lyons, 33 Baseball player
Glenn Coffee, 54 American politician
Micah Wright, 52 American writer
Chace Crawford, 36 American actor
Mac Davis, 79 American songwriter singer and actor
Chad Bettis, 32 American baseball player
Richie McDonald, 59 American musician
Shea Salinas, 35 American soccer player
Sean Stewart, 56 American writer
Chris Galanos, 39 American Pastor
Leigh Daniel, 43 American distance runner
Lloyd Maines, 70 American country music record producer musician and songwriter
Kandice Pelletier, 39 American model
Kevin Morby, 33 American musician
Chance Mock, 39 American football player
Mason Crosby, 37 All-American college football player professional football player placekicker
Joe B. Mauldin, 74 American musician
Jack Wisdom, 68 American planetary scientist
Delbert McClinton, 80 American blues rock and electric blues singer-songwriter guitarist harmonica player and pianist
Curtis Jordan, 67 American football player
Candice Crawford, 34 Pageant Contestant
Kenneth Copeland, 84 Religious Leader
Buddy Holly, 22 Singer-songwriter musician
Trae Young, 23 Basketball Player
Marquise Goodwin, 30 American football player wide receiver track and field athlete long jumper sprinter
Jill Goodacre, 56 American model
Jarrett Culver, 22 Basketball Player
Conrad Vernon, 53 American actor
Lincoln Riley, 38 Football Coach
AJ Ramos, 35 Baseball Player
Orlin Norris, 56 Boxer
Cristi Conaway, 57 American actor
Amanda Shires, 39 American singer-songwriter
Brad Leland, 67 American actor
Justin Olsen, 34 Bobsledder
Helen Wagner, 91 Actress
Craig Ehlo, 60 American basketball player
Jaeson Ma, 40 American musician
Mickey Leland, 44 American politician
Butch Hancock, 76 American musician
Bill Whittington, 72 American racing driver
Don Whittington, 75 American racing driver
Bud Andrews, 74 American DJ
Jason Knutzon, 45 Professional golfer
Zebbie Lethridge, 46 American football player