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Famous people from Indiana, United States of America including Steve Inskeep, Tracy Anderson, Phil Bradley, JB Carlson, Renée Fleming, Renée Fleming and many more.

Steve Inskeep, 53 American radio journalist
Tracy Anderson, 46 US author
Phil Bradley, 62 American baseball player
JB Carlson, 47 American businessman entrepreneur chief executive
Renée Fleming, 62 American opera soprano
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, 76 American writer
Susan Choi, 52 American novelist
Crunchy Black, 44 Rapper
Tim Dorsey, 60 American writer
Logan Gomez, 32 American racing driver
Cheryl Bridges, 73 Marathoner
Jessie Flower, 27 American actor
Judy Street, 72 Singer
Linda Leonard, 65 American actor
Taylor Caniff, 25 Instagram Star
Dylan Jacob, 27 Rapper
Phil Harris, 91 Bandleader vocalist actor
Scatman Crothers, 76 American entertainer
Eddie Condon, 67 American musician
Alexandra Pomales, 26 TV Actress
Will Geer, 76 American politician
Drew Tyler Bell, 35 American actor and dancer
Carl G. Fisher, 65 American entrepreneur
Amos Rusie, 71 Major League Baseball player
Billy Herman, 83 American baseball player and coach
John Wesley Hardrick, 77 painter
Edward Eggleston, 64 Novelist historian clergyman
Rob Day
Robert T. Marsh, 92 United States general
Ray Arcel, 94 Boxing trainer who was active from the 1920s through the 1980s
Jim McWithey, 81 American racing driver
George Hager, 136 Illustrator and cartoonist
Paul Hutchens, 74 American writer
George D. Hay, 72
Mary Kinder, 71 Associated with organized crime
Clifton Nicholson, 77 American artist
Ezra Buzzington, 64 American character actor
Scott Layne, 60 Actor
Heather Stohler, 28 American model
Lawrence J. Giacoletto, 87 American inventor
Wayman Elbridge Adams, 75 American painter
Wilbur Glenn Voliva, 72 American evangelist
John Bowers, 50 Actor
T.J. Storm, 49 Actor
Doug Oldham, 79 American musician
Augustus L. Hart, 51 politician
Rebecca Quick, 49 American journalist
Milton Moore, 72 Cameraman