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Stephanie McMahon, 44 Professional wrestling personality
Jenna Dewan, 40 American actor and dancer
David Paul (actor), 62 American bodybuilder and actor
Stephenie Meyer, 47 American author
Jordan Pruitt, 30 American singer
Marcus Camby, 47 American basketball player
Dwight Freeney, 41 All-American college football player professional football player defensive lineman defensive end
Kurt Carr, 56 American musician
Suzanne Collins, 58 American television writer and novelist
Rebecca Lobo, 47 American professional women's basketball player
David Prentice, 84 British artist
Eriq La Salle, 58 American actor
Kendra C. Johnson, 44 American actor
Troy Duffy, 50 American film director
Elizabeth Bear, 49 novelist
Terrance Knighton, 34 Player of American football
Ken Richters, 65 Stage actor
Sherrie Rose, 55 American actress
Michael Specter, 66 American journalist
Tony DiCicco, 68 American soccer player-coach
Sabrina Tavernise, 50 American journalist
Rick Mahorn, 62 American basketball player-coach
Elizabeth May, 67 Canadian politician lawyer environmentalist activist writer
Kevin Pike, 70 Film Special effects
Matt Lawrence, 36 American football player
Tara Sands, 45 American actor
David Alan Basche, 52 American actor
David Naughton, 70 Actor
Chip Goodyear, 63 American businessman
Kevin Olson, 32 American actor
Steve Russell, 84 American video game programmer
Jared Jordan, 36 American basketball player
Christopher Shinn, 46 American playwright
Jack Hatch, 71 American politician
Bruce Hyer, 74 Canadian politician
Linda Evans (author), 62 American science fiction writer
Lucine Amara, 97 Singer
Alison Brown, 58 American musician
Ann Louise Gittleman, 71
Linda Evans, 78 Actress
Michael P. Shea, 54 United States District Judge
Morris Pleasure, 58 Morris Pleasure is an American composer producer touring musician and Founder of WeR1Voice.
Tanya Holland, 55 California chef specializing in new soul cuisine
Liz Brunner, 62 American Journalist
Tyler Hinman, 36
Chuck Stone, 89 American air force officer
Stephen Birmingham, 83 American cultural historian
Carole Feuerman, 76 American sculptor