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Roger Daltrey, 77 English singer–songwriter musician actor film producer
Josh Widdicombe, 38 English comedian
Christian Jessen, 44 British doctor and television presenter
Benedict Cumberbatch, 45 English actor
Mischa Barton, 35 British–American actress
Scarlett Byrne, 30 English actress
Jane Goldman, 51 English writer presenter producer
Wes Foderingham, 30 Footballer
Matt Barber, 38 Actor
Dean Gaffney, 43 British actor
Lily Allen, 36 Singer-songwriter
Samuel West, 55 Actor and theatre director
Jamie Bamber, 48 English actor
Lee Cook, 38 English footballer
Aaron McLean, 38 Footballer
Olly Barkley, 39 English rugby union player
Andy Slaughter, 60 British politician
Alan Wilder, 62 English musician
Rupa Huq, 49 English writer and politician
Mary Ann Sieghart, 59 English journalist radio presenter and former assistant editor of The Times
Rebecca Jane, 32 British businesswoman
Samantha Shannon, 29 Writer
Sacha Baron Cohen, 49 English comedian and actor
Nathan Caton, 36 English comedian
Cara Delevingne, 28 British female model socialite actress
Jemima Rooper, 39 British actor
Simon McCoy, 59 TV Show Host
Greg Hunter, 56 English composer and sound engineer
Jonathan Djanogly, 56 Member of the United Kingdom Parliament for Huntingdon
Carl Hutchings, 46 English footballer
Liam Feeney, 34 Footballer
Emilia Fox, 46 British actor
Wally Downes, 60 Footballer and coach
Marcus Bean, 36 English footballer
Melissa Benn, 64 British writer
Ed Carpenter (racing driver), 40 American racing driver
Rosamund Pike, 42 English actress
Lily Donaldson, 34 English model
Gavin Maguire, 53 Welsh footballer
Toby Jones, 54 British actor
Daniel Radcliffe, 32 British actor
Jacqui Nelson, 56 Racing cyclist
Tamara Beckwith, 51 British socialite
Mike Mancini, 66 Footballer
Jacob Rees-Mogg, 52 UK politician
Fraser Franks, 30 English professional footballer
Charlotte Holmes, 32 English model
David Gyasi, 41 British actor