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Famous people from Colorado, United States of America including John Hickenlooper, Chase Masterson, Chris Karns, Gabe Newell, Benjamin Kunkel, Benjamin Kunkel and many more.

John Hickenlooper, 69 American politician
Chase Masterson, 58 American actress
Chris Karns, 42 American turntablist
Gabe Newell, 58 American businessman
Benjamin Kunkel, 48 American writer
Zach Filkins, 43 American musician
Jason Rush, 53 American attorney and social welfare worker
Nicole LeFavour, 57 American congresswoman in Idaho
Gabe Miller, 33 American football player
Patrick Park, 44 American musician
Jeffrey Gibson, 49 painter and sculptor
Matthew Shaffer, 43 American actor
Preston Quick, 43 American squash player
Jackson Odell, 20 Actor
Annika Backes, 25 Model
Keidrich Sellati, 19 TV Actor
Bruce Darnell, 64 American model and choreographer
Cortney Palm, 34 Actress
Mia Dillon, 66 American actress
Red Byron, 45 American stock car racing driver
Dutch Clark, 71 American football player and coach
Jacqueline Collen, 53 American actor
Charles Devoe, 28 American model
Neal Mehring, 84 American football player and coach
Steve Eastin, 73 American actor
Marvin Woodward, 65 Visual Effects
Thomas M. Reid, 54 American writer
Anne Holmberg, 83 American writer
Brandon Merrill, 21 Actress
Frank Monroe Upton, 66 United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Sarah Siegel-Magness, 47 Film producer
Pete Schaffnit, 55 American football player
Woodruff T. Sullivan III, 77 American astronomer
Piya Sorcar, 44
George Tahdooahnippah, 42 American boxer
Joe King, 29 Actor
Grae Drake, 41
Frank Harry Mobley, 49 Canadian politician for British Columbia
Tony Shearer, 75 Non-fiction author
Mary C.C. Bradford, 81
Ralph Edwards (baseball), 66 American baseball player
Bill Kinner, 83 American college basketball player
Laurie O'Brien, 70
Horace Hahn, 87 American actor
Nelson Demorest, 86 Visual Effects
Harry Sweet, 31 Director
Lise Simms, 54 American actor
Sandra Ellis Lafferty, 81 Actress